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Wes Edens Career Ventures

Wes Edens is an entrepreneur, investor, executive officer, basketball team owner, philanthropist and co-chairman of Aston Villa Football Club. He has a wide range of businesses, investments and has contributed

Graham Edwards, the Expert Investor

Graham Edwards is a bold investor, real estate guru, and CEO of Teleral Trillium. He went to college at the University of Cambridge, a reputable academic institution, where he studied

Agera Energy: A New Leader In Energy

In less than five years Agera Energy has experienced unprecedented growth. Based in New York, it is changing the way consumers manage their energy costs. From the onset, Agera Energy

Liu Qiangdong The Man with a Vision

There is a lot to be said about the entrepreneurial spirit and Liu Qiangdong is the perfect example of this spirt. Ever since he graduated from college he has had

OSI Food Solutions Changing the Game

OSI Winning the Globe of Honor Award OSI Food Solutions is not new in the food processing industry, and ever since it was founded, it has grown to a global