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Despite Her Success, Isabel dos Santos Hasn’t Forgotten Her Home Country

Isabel dos Santos was born to the president of Angola. She attended a girls’ school when she was young and went to college in London. She knew that she wanted to be involved in the business world and studied electrical engineering. She worked hard to have success in her career, and she has become the wealthiest and most successful woman in Africa. She worked in several positions for a variety of companies through the years, and now she is focused on giving back to women and the people of her country.

Isabel dos Santos is always eager to give women tips on how to become involved in the business world. She wants to encourage girls to get involved with engineering and more. And, she is active in charity work to make that happen. She gives tips on beginning one’s career, and she encourages people from Africa to be the next great business person.

Isabel dos Santos is willing to serve others because she knows that is the best way to lead others and has a deep passion for her home country in Africa. She is always fighting to get it what it deserves and to help it get access to modern technology. She even went before the European Parliament to ask them to help her country.

Isabel dos Santos has worked with high-profile enterprises. She has invested in her home country of Angola and in other places. She is also involved in telecommunications and helped a Portuguese language Forbes come to be. She is known as one of the most influential women in the world, and she has never forgotten where she came from. Isabel dos Santos believes that there are a few things that make her home country unique, and one of them is the people who live there, and another is the beautiful nature.