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3 Ways Stream Energy has Contributed to Philanthropy in Dallas

Consistency in giving back to the society is unmatched. Many companies have a solo approach to philanthropy while others have a collective approach to issues affecting the communities around them. Stream Energy has embraced the two forms of giving back to society. The following are some different ways in which the company has contributed to the Dallas societies.

First, Stream Energy has one of the longest working relationships with different entities in Dallas. For the last five years, for example, the company has worked with Red Cross and Hope Supply Co. Although these two entities have different approaches to philanthropy, Stream Energy has given them an unmatched partnership in their different projects. For the Red Cross, for example, the company has not only sponsored some projects in Dallas but has also given the Red Cross the needed support system. In the recent hurricane, for example, the company worked with the Red Cross in ensuring lives are back to normal.

Still on collaborating with other organization, the most documented and well-known project is helping poor and homeless families in Dallas. Through a well-thought project with Hope Supply, the company has successfully helped families in this geographical area. Some of the specific projects that the company has been part of include providing basic family facilities such as shelters, clothing, food, and sometimes diapers for the children. According to an official report by Hope Supply, the project has been successful as they have been able to reach more families in five years.

After the Hurricane, the company ratified its approach to disaster management, especially where their clients are involved. In the energy market, Stream Energy is the first company to come up with a functional foundation. According to pundits; Stream Care will be a reference point for philanthropy in 2019. With this foundation, the company hopes to continue assisting families and all residents of Dallas. With an independent budget, it will be interesting to see the progress of Stream Cares in 2019. The management of this company has been vocal on ways to strengthen the foundation by allowing it to build its structures and more importantly, operate autonomously.