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Leading Lawyer Rick Cofer Shares His Vision for Austin’s Bright Future

Having handled over 5,000 cases throughout the Austin, Texas area, criminal defense attorney Rick Cofer is a highly regarded lawyer who prides himself on providing a customized approach to representing his clients. After serving for nine years as a prosecutor, Rick Cofer opened his own legal practice to give people facing criminal sentences a voice in the judicial system.


Rick Cofer’s Successful Track Record


As a defense lawyer practicing in the Austin, Texas area, Rick Cofer has attained a top-tier Avvo™ rating and the respect of his peers in the legal community. His practice entails representing people in misdemeanor, felony and juvenile cases, and Cofer is the first to acknowledge that each case he handles is unique.


Austin Community Activist for Many Years


When Rick Cofer isn’t in the courtroom, he can often be seen participating in the Austin community. He’s served in several non-profit roles, with a particular focus on working with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department and on working to fight homelessness throughout the Austin area. Cofer was chair of Austin’s Zero Waste Commission and was a leader in the community’s efforts to ban single-use plastic bags. Rick Cofer is also active in beautifying Austin’s parks, helping advocate for people who are dealing with mental illness, and working with other impassioned community members to address the issues facing the homeless population.


Cofer’s Tips for Success


Rick Cofer offers us his insight on how he manages to get so much accomplished, between his community activism and thriving legal practice.


Time management is key.

Attorney-at-law Rick Cofer suggests that you handle every task item as few times as possible. If a work item is small and can be handled in less than ten to fifteen minutes, then take care of it immediately. Tasks such as returning phone calls and answering emails should be completed on the same day they are received. After all, they take for a little time and produce effective results.


Stay informed.

Rick Cofer shares with us that he has been reading The Economist each week since he was in Middle School, and it’s made a qualitative difference in his life. Cofer suggests that you read the local paper daily because he advises that it’s essential to be well-informed about the issues facing your community.


Kindness always wins.

Lawyer Rick Cofer always takes a quick minute to give a compliment to his staff and to give a smile to folks as he travels throughout the Austin Texas area. People may not remember what you did for them, but they always remember how you made them feel, advises attorney Rick Cofer.