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Solutions Ted Bauman has for Steering Clear of Threats to Your Wealth

Are you looking for ways to save for retirement while avoiding getting caught by surprise with unnecessary taxes or medical bills? Have you ever felt you needed to do more to protect your identity or keep your assets safe from theft? Ted Bauman, an editor at Banyan Hill who writes newsletters full of knowledge he’s gained from discovering ways to protect assets such as using foreign banks, subscribing to foreign healthcare plans, and finding ways around bureaucracy to save money. He also offers guidelines about when to get into the stock market and what some safe investments are that you can buy there, but this last year he recommended being careful about the stock market with the US Treasury Bond index reaching some uncertainties.

Ted Bauman has some different perspectives than other financial writers because he’s traveled all around the world and learned things that aren’t always known outside of certain countries. He was born in the Washington D.C. area and his father served several terms as a congressman. But Bauman would move to South Africa where he attended the University of Cape Town and received his bachelor’s degree in finance. After graduating, he would spend most of his career in consulting and helping various government and non-profit organizations find solutions to various financial issues.

One group Ted Bauman was a part of starting was Slum Dwellers International, a housing project for homeless and very low income people. He also helped manage housing developments when he later served on the boards of Habitat for Humanity for a few years. Ted Bauman is mostly retired from consulting and executive management today, but he still very much explores developments around the world that his US readers could very much benefit from. His two main newsletters you can subscribe to are “The Bauman Letter” and “Alpha Stock Alert.”

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