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James Dondero’s Legacy

Applauded for both his entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts, James Dondero is a renowned businessman of his noble achievements. Much like any reputable tycoon, Dondero first earned a coveted college degree before plunging into business pursuits. The success that accompanied Dondero’s collegiate years is impressive, and it’s in large part why he’s revered as an industry maven. J.P. Morgan was the first company to bring Dondero on board, and it was here where the keen entrepreneur unearthed his passion for analytics. In the hopes of sharpening his vast skills, Dondero enrolled in the company’s analyst training program.

Dondero’s unbridled dedication to his desired craft proved rewarding, and he was well on his investment way to becoming the titan of industry he is today. Soon thereafter, Dondero graduated to a higher position at American Express. While his recent tenure at American Express opened many doors, it wasn’t until Dondero joined Protective Life that his life took a sharp turn. Mike Okada, another Protective Life employee, took a shine to Dondero. The two bonded over their enthusiasm for business, subsequently embarking on a joint venture. The result was Highland Capital Management, a wealth management firm offering a diverse investment platform.

The two elevated Highland Capital Management to extraordinary industry heights, in turn earning themselves a favored status in the banking sphere. As a multi-billion dollar corporation, Highland Capital Management is thriving under the valued counsel of Dondero and Okada. Philanthropist James Dondero is especially proud of the progress the company’s made and seeks to give back to the community that’s played an integral part in bringing Highland Capital Management to the forefront. It’s for this reason why he pioneered Highland Dallas Foundation, an initiative aimed at bolstering Dallas communities. Also, Dondero’s donated to various Dallas-based charities including The Family Place, Education is Freedom and the Perot Museum.