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OSI Food Solutions Changing the Game

OSI Winning the Globe of Honor Award

OSI Food Solutions is not new in the food processing industry, and ever since it was founded, it has grown to a global company with over sixty-seven facilities. It was recently awarded by the British Safety Council for its continuous efforts in managing the environment. The award, known as the Globe of Honor Award is given to institutions that continuously take care and preserve their environment while continuing their daily operations. The British Safety Council is the board in charge of giving the award to companies and this time they honored OSI with it. OSI has always made an effort to be socially responsible, and they were deeply honored for receiving the award. This showed that what they are doing for the environment was being noticed.

OSI Buys Tyson Plant

OSI Food Solutions always seek to find new ways to network and progressively develop their brand. Although OSI is a leading global brand in food production it continues to find new ways to develop and the most recent one is the purchase of another plant based in Chicago. This plant, known as the Tyson plant is located in Chicago, and its location is close to that of OSI Plant. This purchase came after the closure of the Tyson Plant because as the CEO stated they wanted to find new opportunities. OSI Food Solutions will greatly benefit from this purchase because the proximity of Tyson Plant to theirs allows them to effectively carry on manufacturing processes. Also, they are able to increase their storage facilities with the new space acquired.

OSI Doubling Production

OSI Food Solutions has a very large market whose demand keeps growing by the day. Recently the demand for processed chicken went up, and OSI had to double their production of the product to meet the needs of their clients. The new production of chicken was put at fourteen thousand tones which is an increase from the previous one that was twelve thousand tones. This increase will allow OSI to attend to all its customer’s needs.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://de.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries