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Freedom Checks Present New Investment Opportunity for US Citizens

Many people in the US do not have comprehensive retirement plans. For those who it in mind, it entails setting side a share of their paychecks in savings, amounts which may not be enough to cater for their survival during retirement adequately. While Social Security arrangement draws money from people in taxes, it does not guarantee fully covered pension years.

Matt Badiali is the brainchild behind the idea of freedom Checks, a program which allows individuals to create wealth by investing in master limited partnerships (MLP) companies. The system leverages on specific tax code laws that enable investors to reap big from their initial investments and enjoy US Government subsidies. MLP companies must be operating in the oil and gas industry and be generating ninety percent of their income from activities related to the production, transportation, storage and processing of America’s natural resources, to qualify to issue such checks. The companies must also agree to disburse 90% of its earning to investors.

For US citizens, it is an opportunity to get accumulate wealth effortlessly as the system yields above-average return. Freedom checks generate high returns as the program does not attract traditional taxes provided that the MLP companies operate within the defined set of requirements. The tax exemptions are provided for under the Statute 26-F.

On whether the idea is legitimate, investors do not have to worry. The program operates under legislation that was passed by the US Congress in 1987 which provides for tax exemptions for MLP Companies that meet a set of requirements. The Statute 26-F also guides the tax laws applicable to the program. In June 2018, over $30 billion was scheduled for disbursement to investors in the form of freedom checks.

With proof of legitimacy and a guarantee of above-normal returns, US Citizens should be in a rush to capitalize on Matt Badiali’s idea of freedom checks. It is one of the most definite ways to secure one’s retirement without having to sacrifice income in the form of social security taxes or pension savings. The program also attempts to encourage energy efficiency in the US.

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