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JD.com : Innovation through Partnership

JD.com and Mitsubishi Chemical have announced that the two companies will partner up the largest hydroponic factory in China. The move by these two companies is to better strategically formulate agriculture products for their customers by incorporating JD.com’s incredible retail infrastructure and current agricultural technology. The plant which measures more than 11,000 square meters will contain an artificial seeding environment, solar light, and a hydroponic culturing system. Together, these two companies are hoping to capitalize on their strengths to bring customers some of the best quality food in the market.

To meet this quality demand, JD.com says that the production of their food will be closely watched, from the moment the seed is planted to the time it is set to be shipped. This sense of urgency to create an alternative method of food production is due to years of overuse farmlands that have harmed the Chinese soil. This new facility by JD.com will allow the company to regulate every aspect of the food production including the humidity, light and overall temperature, all this will aid in reducing the amount of water needed for production. This, however, will not downgrade any portion of the food’s nutrient, in fact, food will contain more of their good vitamins. In addition, the fact that these foods will be grown indoors allow JD.com to provide customers with not only more nutritious foods, but also foods free of pesticides and other bug repellents.

A huge benefit to the company will include the ability to grown more batches of foods than a traditional farm which in turn will increase revenue for both partners. Furthermore, by using JD.com’s state of the art logistics network, customers can be assured that their food will be fresh and ready for delivery the day you order them. There is no doubt that JD.com has once again proven to be the leader in innovation.

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