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The Chainsmokers take a dark turn

The Chainsmokers have been producing hit singles for over two years, but they are not content to just keep doing what they have done so far. They are always looking to evolve, and part of that will be the tone of their music. The new singles will reflect the way the Chainsmokers are seeing the world around them. The band has always seen themselves as a mirror to society. They see a society that has taken a darker turn, and so they want to capture that spirit. While some record labels would want to keep the status quo, the Chainsmokers are lucky to have a label that gives them free reign to try new things. The Chainsmokers are not concerned with losing their fans as they feel the new music is also a reflection on how they are feeling. There will still be the emphasis on the romantic genre that has defined the lyrics of the band.

The band also saw the danger of staying the same. By just producing the same sound for album after album, there was a danger that they would become stagnant. The band also believes they have a responsibility to their fans, especially their younger ones, that they should tackle some of the bigger social issues. Kids who are feeling anxious, especially in this over saturated world of various forms of social media, should be able to see that even people as famous and successful as the Chainsmokers feel the same pressures and anxieties.
The Chainsmokers are not driven by the sales numbers of their singles. While their success has so far been nothing short of phenomenal, they are not worried about matching any set targets. They are content making music that matters to them and their fans even if that means taking a turn to a darker type of sound.