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Modern Marketing Styles with Krishen Iyer

When it comes to marketing, it takes an individual with local knowledge and the skills to apply those ideas in a greater scale to make a successful campaign. As a California native, Krishen Iyer fits this requirement quite well. He attended Grossmont College and San Diego State University, where he performed well academically. However, the characteristic that put him in the marketing industry was his natural curiosity to the world around him. This put him on a collision course with Quick Link Marketing, a company specializing in local marketing campaigns. His career is expanded upon in a recent ideamensch interview.


The company was recently renamed to Managed Benefits, but the mission remains the same. They are designed to connect clients with current marketing tactics to help their business. Krishen Iyer finds that communication is an essential attribute for this profession. The ideal marketing concept can not be born without taking input from the client, and other individuals with various viewpoints. A truly successful campaign is one not simply born over night, but one that takes into account everyone’s wishes and target audience.


The daily life of a marketing specialist like Krishen Iyer can range in activities. He could be talking with clients, putting plans into action, or simply taking the day to research consumer trends. This is the kind of profession where an individual has to be constantly up to date. However, due to technological advancements, this task has become easier than ever. There are numerous services that track trends by demographic for marketing firms to analyze and build from.


Krishen Iyer is in an industry that paves the road for companies to financially succeed. He spends countless hours for the sake of other business’s success. Whether it works or fails, there is something to be learned from each client.