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Matt Badiali Believes That Opting For Freedom Checks Is The Safest And Most Profitable Investment In The Natural Resource Market

In today’s world, there exist investment firms that provide lucrative schemes and boasts of doubling up the money of investors in a short span of time. Mostly, these schemes are scams and there are countless victims who have lost their money through these illegitimate companies. The increasing number of scams in the world keeps the investors away from any shiny looking scheme in the market. This proved to be highly disadvantageous for the authentic investment firms that provide schemes that are completely valid and investors do get high returns from such firms.

Recently, a new scheme in the market has emerged and is called the Freedom Checks. It is the most legitimate scheme which provides high returns to the investors. Matt Badiali, a financial advisor with vast knowledge in the field of Geology, recently explained in a video the workings and the perks of the scheme. He believes that investing in particular companies can provide independence to investors in the Natural Resource market of the United States.

Currently, there exist 568 Oil & Gas companies that provide Freedom Checks to the investors on a monthly or a quarterly basis. The companies are called Master Limited Partnership of MLP. In order for a natural resource company to become an MLP, they should be paying 90 cents of every dollar generated to the investors.

The companies are involved in the extraction, processing, refining, and storage of natural resources. The recent decrease in the oil imports from the Middle East has boosted the demand and production of Oil & Gas companies in U.S. soil. This year analysts have projected that the MLPs will be giving away $34.6 billion to the investors through freedom checks which can be received by mail or a direct deposit to the investors trading account.

Matt Badiali also emphasizes the fact that returns received are basically tax-free as the freedom checks are not considered as income but return on capital. If an investor was to sell off his shares in an MLP, the profits are taxed on a low capital gains interest which does not cut off a major chunk of the total money.