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Roseann Bennett And The Use Of Canine-Assisted Therapy


There is a reason that dogs are considered “man’s best friend”. People enjoy the company of dogs, and the likewise is usually also true. But did you know that dogs are being used in therapy settings across the world?

Roseann Bennett, a therapist from New Jersey, is exploring the world of Canine-Assisted Therapy with her patients.

Bennett has over a decade of experience as a therapist. She has been recognized for her mark in the mental health field by her peers and patients. Bennett is also well-known for not turning away clients due to an inability to pay.

Through the Center for Assessment and Treatment, Roseann Bennett and her colleagues have been successfully offering a variety of treatments to New Jersey patients since 2010. One of these treatments includes canine-assisted therapy. She first became interested in using dogs during therapy sessions through her work with children. Using dogs in therapy sessions with children has proved to have numerous benefits, including calming them.

Roseann Bennett even owns her own therapy dog, Jack.

While many people confuse service animals and therapy dogs, they are not the same thing. Service dogs are usually specially trained to assist someone with special needs. A therapy dog’s primary purpose is to provide comfort. The use of therapy dogs started originally in the 1970s. A good therapy dog has received obedience training, and has no trouble adapting to new situations and staying calm around new people.


Some of the conditions that Roseann Bennett may use a therapy dog for include anxiety, depression, improving a person’s communication, and more.


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