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How David McDonald Has Contributed to the Sustainability of OSI Group

OSI Food Solutions is unquestionably one of the most established food companies in the world. Besides boasting of vast years of experience having in the sector for decades, it also boasts of remarkable growth and a huge customer base.

OSI Group, which is dubbed the premier provider of food products across the world, works closely with distinguished retail and foodservice providers to deliver concept-to-table resolutions that fascinate consumers.

What has facilitated the impressive growth of OSI Group, one might ask. Well, the great leadership of David McDonald, an Animal Science graduate of Iowa State University.

McDonald became part of the group as a Project Manager. Then, he was working with the North American Meat Institute as the Chairman. McDonald is quite dedicated to what he does, a factor that has made him work hard to become the company’s president.

For the 30 years that he has served the company, it has been growing remarkably and has been able to counter the huge competition that is currently being experienced in the food delivery industry.

Asked how he has managed to do this, David McDonald says that he believes the first step to success is knowing what your customers expect and working towards meeting those expectations.

Further, McDonald opines that the company maintains a close working relationship with renowned marketers so they can keep things working smoothly and at the same time meet the needs of clients without encountering challenges.

In addition, the success can be attributed to the fact that together with other workers in the organization, McDonald strives to ensure customers receive fresh and high-quality food products.

David McDonald keeps on seeking partnering associations, striving to improve continually, exploring solutions that are innovative and working together with both employees and other OSI Group managerial team.

Notably, this has had a huge positive impact on the company in that it is in line with the core values that the company seeks to uphold. Promoting the core values put in place helps a company to grow, as is the case with OSI Group.

Further, David McDonald has led the company expanded the company to a broader international market by partnering with different countries. Some of the notable include the launching of an innovative feed mill in the Province of Shandong and a beef processing center in Poland.

The onother notable move is the acquisition of a Dutch company that specializes in the processing of Deli Meat; Baho Foods. David asserted that the acquisition will go a long way in enabling OSI satisfy foreign customers taste buds.