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Charlamagne Tha God’s Response To Kamikaze


Charlamagne Tha God has recently responded to Eminem’s Album; Kamikaze. The album disses many prominent figures in hip hop and media including Drake, Tyler the Creator, Donald Trump and Charlemagne himself. Charlamagne is an influential co-host of the nationally syndicated Hip Hop radio show The Breakfast Club. In the song The Ringer Eminem says “Charlamagne going to hate anyway, doesn’t matter what I say, give me Donkey of the Day…”, Charlemagne does not consider this a diss saying it is a direct quote from him about Eminem’s BET Cypher and previous album Revival which Charlemagne Tha God believes Eminem agrees were both wack.


On the subject of Eminem Charlamagne has said “He is the greatest Lyricist ever… He is a living legend”, but if Charlamagne Tha God thinks that the rap was wack or just okay he is going to call it out. In another song titled Fall; Eminem States “One last time for Charlemagne, if my response is late, it’s just how long it takes, to hit my f****** radar, I’m so far away” rather than take this as an insult Charlamagne is quoted as saying “It’s always cool when you get immortalized on records” and that this is a step up from his early career when the only rapper dissing him was Chingy.


In Charlemagne’s opinion, Kamikaze is a good record, unlike Revival which was “trash”, it was organic, relevant, and not forced. He liked Eminem’s use of white privilege to combat prejudice with his Trump bashing lyrics. However Charlemagne is not fond of the homophobic slurs towards Tyler the Creator. On the album Flower Boy Tyler openly addressed his bisexuality, Eminem then repurposes Tyler’s own words.


Charlemagne states “You have the freedom to say what you want, but people are free to be offended” referring to the Millions of LGBT community members Eminem is throwing a shot at along with Tyler. Charlamagne would love to hear a community members thoughts on this subject but believes Eminem does not care. See Related Link to learn more.


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