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OG Juan- The Bro Talk

Juan “OG” Perez is no stranger to extravagance and style. When he rang in his latest birthday celebration he had some major A list names at his party. Jay-z and his wife not only made an appearance but also shelled over thirteen thousand dollars on dinner alone. After their lavish dining experience they proceeded to indulge in some top shelf after dinner beverages that rang up a bill of over nine thousand dollars. This type of extravagance is typical when it comes to the lifestyle that these Rock Nation stars live.

The party vibe was still strong so this club hopping Rock Nation group took their after party to the Playroom Night club. This is where the group really decided to party and Jay-Z ordered and over forty bottles of champagne. The bubbly in combination with other libations racked up a bill of just about ninety one thousand dollars. This jaw dropping birthday celebration included a group of six that were happily handing out these expensive and delicious champagne bottles to nearby tables.

The bill totaled seventy four thousand dollars and then the taxes were another six thousand. The lucky servers received a tip of just over eleven thousand dollars for their dedication and professional service provided to the Rock Nation party group. Juan “OG” Perez and his wife Desiree have been working in business ventures with Jay-Z for over two decades. This pair of friends share a tight knit bond and it really comes as no surprise why Jay-Z would want to throw such a lavish party for his friend’s fiftieth birthday.

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