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The Latest Trend In Recruiting Using GoBuyside

When Arjun Kapur graduated from Stanford University with his master’s degree in business, he noticed there was a need for specialized people to work in the alternative financial industry. He started his company, GoBuyside, as a way to help businesses meet their needs. He slowly built his company up by recruiting potential employees for his clients that would meet their demands. The company quickly grew and he was able to put together a team of his own in order to search for candidates that would fit clients positions. The searches they conducted included many cities across the United States as well as overseas. They are now working in over 50 cities worldwide.

Based in New York City, the company finds many of its clients within this area. The financial district is ripe with companies who seek the best employees in facilities. Arjun Kapur is well aware of the needs of these companies and has a long list of recruits that he can offer them. With the changes that have been occurring in the financial industry, it is hard for many of these companies to keep up with the demand and he feels that by going out of the box in searching for new talent, he is able to better fill the needs of his clients.

Arjun Kapur feels that by focusing on daily workload and not being distracted by things that do not fit into his work schedule, he is better able to keep his company on top of what is happening in this field. He spends time on his social media pages only after having completed his daily work routine. He believes that his company is at the forefront of the recruitment business and that it will only continue to grow and expand into other countries.

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