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Robert Ivy’s Lifetime Achievement Award has brought prestige to the Architectural Profession

Robert Ivy, an American architect is a member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects.) He was honored with the lifetime achievement award from the MILA (Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.) The award is recognition for his work in the architectural design industry. He has brought much awareness to the industry and made it possible for all to understand the industry and how it works with society, the environment and the building community in general. He has been an ambassador in an effort industry that has been steeped in conservative tradition.

He has worked throughout his career to make architecture accessible to all. His effort and the end result is also a tribute to his communication skills, especially through his writing.

Prior to taking on the AIA, Robert Ivy handled Editor in Chief challenges with Architectural Record, a publication of McGraw Hill. He took the publication to prominence in the industry and beyond and was responsible for the magazine becoming widely read. Find out more about Robert Ivy at mswritersandmusicians.com

As an author, Robert Ivy published the biography of Fay Jones: Architect in 2001. The book is the showcase for an architect who saw Frank Lloyd Wright as a mentor in the industry. Jones was noted for the high standards he employed in his design and production, as well as scholarship.

Also to his credit, Robert Ivy has been responsible for tremendous growth of the the AIA organization. Today, the organization boasts seven chapters worldwide, in addition to its many chapters in the United States. The organization also includes chapters in Canada and China.

The award has been the feather in Robert Ivy’s architectural cap and brought pride and prestige to the AIA organization. His award has also brought the organization greater visibility, as well increased credibility.Ivy has created the interface between the architectural profession and the ordinanary non-technical individual to enhance their understanding.

Robert Ivy earned BA(Bachelor of Arts) degree from Sewanee: The University of the South, in English. He received his architectural education and training at Tulane University, earned ng a Master’s Degree in Architecture. Mr. Ivy also served time in the United States Navy.

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