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OSI Group Has Germans Roots And Has Been In Business For More Than 100 Years

There are many major companies around the country today that were founded by immigrants that have moved from their home countries to the United States. This includes the corporation, OSI Group, which is one of the largest food processors and manufacturers around the globe these days. Believe it or not, this company was started back in 1909 as a small meat shop with no long-term goals to become a large corporation. Otto, the company’s founder and owner at the time managed the meat market and eventually turned it into a family business in 1928, incorporating his sons into the business name. This was the start of Otto & Sons and it would quickly become the leading contender in the food market throughout the entire region.

As the company continued to expand, so did Otto’s ambitions. One Otto & Sons became a serious contender in the food game, Otto wanted to go global. Despite never expecting success in the first place, Otto & Sons and now OSI Group has remained one of the biggest contenders in the food processing market for more than fifty years. Back in the 70’s, OSI Group started on expanding into new regions around the world, not just the Chicago area. New locations kept coming for more than a decade at a heavy pace.

Not only that, but OSI Group continued to expand on their services and foods to include more than just meat, including tofu, bread, soup, cheese, sausage, and many more. As far as companies go, OSI is a massive corporation that extends all over the world today and they are easily one of the biggest food suppliers. OSI Group brings in billions of dollars in revenue every single year and has even been ranked in the United States as one of the biggest corporations by Forbes. As a billion-dollar corporation, OSI will have no trouble expanding and continuing to dominate the food market for many years to come.