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Guilherme Paulus Innovates And Improves The Travel Industry

Guiherme Paulus has been in the travel industry for quite some time. His experience in the travel industry is that of almost five decades. Before pursuing his dreams, he was working for IBM as a trainee. It was there where he realized that computing taught him many things, but it was not for him. Guilherme was looking for a way out that was closer to his heart. He found the answer to his prayers in a local newspaper.

While skimming through the pages of the local newspaper, Guilherme Paulus noticed an ad placed by a travel agency named Casa Faro. The travel agency was looking to hire a salesman and so Guilherme Paulus took the position. He found his passion for the travel industry during one of his first trips. He was traveling with a group of French people that seemed to be bored out of their minds. Guilherme decided to do something about this and came up with a few fun activities for the foreign travelers. The trip ended up being a massive success and he quickly began on his next sale. Visit Guilherme Paulus at Bloomberg for more info.

During another one of his trips, Guilherme Paulus encountered Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, who was a politician at the time. The politician passenger noticed that Guilherme was extraordinarily talented at his job and offered him a partnership. Guilherme Paulus accepted the offer made by Carlos and the two business partners soon founded what is now known as the CVC travel agency. The CVC travel agency was founded in 1972. Carlos Vicente Cerchiari left the business venture after four years. Guilherme was now an entrepreneur and that much closer to bringing his dreams into reality.

Guilherme did not encounter success for his new company right away. In fact, it came with many hardships. At one point, the entrepreneur wanted to close the company and call it quits. However, he persevered and pushed through the challenges. The CVC travel agency is now the largest tourist operator in all of Latin America. Guilherme now has almost fifty years of experience in the Tourism industry. The CVC has now been in operation for over 45 years.

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