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Sightsavers Is Fighting Hard To Bring Inclusive Education To Countries Around The World:

Making a major change in the world takes time, but it is only possible when individuals choose to take individual action toward making it happen. This becomes an even stronger force when the individuals start working with like-minded individuals in a collective sense and start to demand alternatives to the status quo. Examples of this can be petition signing or participating in a movement that is fighting for social action. The upcoming global disability summit being hosted and organized from the UK’s Department of International Development in conjunction with the International Disability Alliance and the Kenyan government is such an example of working to achieve great things by coming together as a group.


This critical summit has a mission of shedding light and international attention to the issues of development and disability. The overall goal is to encourage governments around the world to make disability inclusiveness a reality. There are currently in excess of 800 million people currently alive in the world today whose lives could be bettered by improvement in this area. Among the organizations that do critical work in this area is Sightsavers. Sightsavers is a group fighting diligently to make blindness due to preventable reasons a thing of the past in our world. The hope is that the global disability summit will spark the changes that need to be seen in the world’s current attitude toward these issues.

Sightsavers is a major force in today’s world fighting for inclusive education for the handicapped. Touching stories such as Tapiwa’s from Malawi are a testament to the value of inclusivity education. Tapiwa suffers from cerebral palsy and her mother carries her to school on her back despite the fact that it is very difficult. In the past, children in Tapiwa’s situation would not have attended school in Malawi, but the education about inclusivity provided by organizations like Sightsavers is changing that by providing valuable training to teachers. It is part of the amazing early childhood development project that Sightsavers and Comic Relief are providing in Malawi. The same can be said for the amazing story of Peter who was born with hydrocephalus. His inclusion in the Sightsavers program in Malawi is helping him to learn valuable skills as far as making friends and learning. He has also overall improved physically. These stories and many more are part of the amazing work being done by Sightsavers.