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How Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Have Given Investors A New Tax-Exempt Wealth Builder

If you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to make a safe investment that could pay you a decent annuity or even build a wealthy retirement in ways others don’t, freedom checks might be the very thing you’ve been looking for. The name “freedom check” is a little misleading because they really are not checks other than you can choose to have the dividend they pay sent in a check or direct deposited in your account. But they’re really more like regular stock investments because they trade in a similar manner and can be bought on regular exchanges. But they do also have their differences from regular investments.

It was Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill who first brought freedom checks to the attention of the investor community. He discovered that there were certain companies such as oil and mining companies that were formed from master limited partnerships, companies that are legally required to pay their freedom check investors a certain amount each month. Badiali found out that some of their stocks have paid out as much as 5,889%, 8,839% and even 39,832% in earnings which could turn just $1,000 into nearly $400,000. Overall, these natural resource companies are expected to reach over $34 billion dollars in the next year alone.

One of the biggest benefits to freedom checks is not having to pay taxes on them as they make gains. That’s because they are not a return on income, they’re a return on capital. That also means the only time you would pay taxes is when you decide to sell them off, and even then you only have to pay taxes at the lower capital gains rate. Badiali has already been taking full advantage of freedom checks and has insights on how to find the right ones as well as recommendations for other natural resource and precious metals companies in his newsletters at Banyan Hill.

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