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Alex Pall Shares How Chainsmoker Sound is Growing Personal

Getting to Know Your Fans

In a recent interview of the Chainsmokers done by Andy Warhol Interviews, Mathias Rosenzweig asked Alex Pall how he keeps in touch with the fans and their feedback and how he gets a sense of who is connecting to their music? Alex Pall had several things to say. First, Alex Pall realized that their fan based was becoming more and more international in scope, which is good news for a touring group.

International, Mixed Male and Female

Alex Pall says they find this information our thru the use of social media channel. Another exciting find was the appearance of many fans from the Philippines and South Africa. As far as the age of fans it ranges from 16-25, says Pall. Pall added what is most important for the Chainsmokers is that they not center on what ee you are or even where you are, but that their music made you feel a right way. Much of this information came thru Instagram, which works thru specific algorithms that track people’s listening habits.

Mother and Daughter

Alex Pall feels particularly touched when he finds out about a Mother and Daughter who both love their music so much that they send a video to them performing their songs. On the other hand, there is not a significant weight toward male or female listeners, since they have an abundance of both sexes who listen to their music. What is particularly interesting is that their music is reaching those people who are outside of their age group; that is, a Mother or Father, who was introduced to their music thru their kids and likes their music and even sings it. The bottom line, according to Alex Pall is that people of all ages and nationalities find a connection with their shared experience.

Use of Social Media

Social Media can help the Chainsmokers find out who’s listening to your music, but then this music is also growing and changing just as the artist find themselves changing and evolving as artists. The Chainsmokers are working on their second LP album. The Chainsmokers recently appeared on “American Idol” and performed their single “Selfie.” The Chainsmokers are witnessing good responses from their fans.