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Through the Generations: How Herbalife Has Shaped Families

For nearly 40 years, Herbalife is a company that has helped build stronger, healthier and longer lives. A company with such a vast network of employees and customer across the globe is bound to effect a tremendous amount of lives.


Even more revealing, is the fact that Herbalife has not only improved the lives of its customers, but also its employees. At the very heart of Herbalife’s employees is a shared bond. In fact, among many of the employees in the Herbalife family, there’s a shared spirit, a vision to make the world a healthier and more enjoyable place to live.


While this goal may seem lofty and maybe even a little out of reach, but for the families of Herbalife, the shared goal of providing the world with healthy nutrition is a family tradition, passed from generation to generation.


Ryan Baker is one such distributor. Hailing from a family of Herbalife independent distributors, Baker is a second generation Herbalife distributor who grew up on Herbalife’s amazing products.


Baker’s experience with Herbalife didn’t just end with the company’s products, no Herbalife changed his and his father’s lives for the better, helping them achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

After a short stint as a cheerleading coach, Baker was able to integrate his coaching experiences with his Herbalife experiences and build a tight-knit team of customers and distributors who help their local community to say fit and healthy. Baker and his group often host weight loss challenges, running clubs, and fit camps to help their community lead healthier lives.


Baker credits his stint with Herbalife for his success as both an entrepreneur and a leader within his community. Baker enjoys sharing his insights with others who might be curious about embarking on a journey with Herbalife. He insists that Herbalife has not only made him successful, it gave his life a purpose unlike any other before.


Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980 and for the past 38 years has been an industry leader in nutritional supplements, weight management, and sports nutrition. The company currently employs 8,000 people globally with approximately 3.2 million independent distributors worldwide.


The company operates in 95 countries including Japan, Spain and New Zealand, while the headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. Herbalife produces a number of nutritional supplement products including the Formula 1 protein shake, the company’s best selling product overall. Herbalife has been a trusted industry leader for more than three decades.