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Justice For Sexual Offense Victims By Litigator Jeff Herman


In 1997, when serving as a commercial litigator, a distressed mother whose 4-year old son was abused did not know who to turn to for help when she bumped on Jeff Herman. Looking personally into the case, he discovered that the offender was a convicted pedophile. Moreover, he identified that many daycare institutions have sexual assault cases. This changed his legal professionalism course, shifting to become a representative of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and rape survivors.


His law firm; Herman Law is based in Boca Raton and uses a highly forensic interviewing technique when dealing with cases. He trains child welfare groups and other sexual assault welfare professionals and organizations in healing through disclosure. The firm employs a sensitive mindset when handling sexual abuse cases by empowering the survivor in a healing process. His firm sues negligent institutions that have allowed sexual abuse to occur.


Herman Law Firm attorneys have had a highly successful case rate representing victims against different kind of institutions. In addition, they have law enforcement officers, former special agents, detectives, and criminal investigators who gather evidence for clients and their rich experience has been valuable. Read This Article to learn more.


Jeff Herman tries to get as much evidence as he can before filing a case. He sits with the case investigator and arranges a strategic plan detailing what to do and which areas to investigate. The investigator will do interviews, get documents, gather evidence, and collect statements that be put up front before they file the case. Due to the sensitivity of sexual cases, Jeff Herman Law Firm holds some clients confidential and thus filing them under a pseudonym.


One key thing about Jeff Herman is that despite being a lawyer doing daily tasks and executing strategies, Jeff Herman is involved in every case. Since Jeff travels a lot, the firm uses a software that keeps all of them updated on the proceeds of a given case on their mobile phones.


To deal with sexual abuse, education is the best tool. Jeff Herman creates awareness and educational programs that aim at preventing sexual abuse. Their aim is to protect people against sexual abuse, holding those in charge accountable, healing and justice for victims, and revealing sexual predators.



Watch his videos on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUXsF0Q_018