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Pursuing Excellence with Rocketship Education

Pursuing Excellence with Rocketship Education

Rocketship is a collection of top-performing elementary schools that serve underprivileged communities in Milwaukee, the Bay Area, Nashville, and Washington DC. These schools operate on three pillars which are as follows:

  • Personalized learning- the instruction is specially tailored to match the learning potential of each student.
  • Talent development- the school encourages the development of passions outside academic responsibilities.
  • Parent power- the school encourages parents to be actively involved in helping students thrive and holding leaders accountable.

The Washington Monthly released an article that seemed to only highlight the challenges of Rocketship Education. The publication lauded Rocketship as an innovative method of blended learning that is characterized with extended hours, pressure, and ritualistic classroom procedures. Other charter schools like Success Academy and KIPP academy are also known to apply these methods in the interest of helping students earn good grades. Rocketship is keen to incorporate technology into its education system so students are better prepared to thrive in the world upon graduation.

Edsurge noted that criticizing Rocketship and other charter schools that are devoted to applying new learning and teaching methods is wrong. Problems such as managing schools, using technology, staff allocation, and such are not unique to charter schools. Administrators and students face similar issues in public schools. For instance, enforcing rules such as ‘silent time’ and limiting bathroom breaks are essential in keeping students productive.

When it comes to technology use, Rocketship encourages students to use different programs like ST Math and Dreambox. Teachers collect useful data based on the usage and attitudes of students then customize teaching accordingly such as by focusing on the needy students. Lastly, the issue of staffing and teacher qualification is a nationwide problem that must be dealt with. Budget cuts influence the teacher-student ration, and therefore, the few teachers available must find the best way to serve students.

In a nutshell, Rocketship Public Schools are dedicated to educating children who may fall through the cracks due to their underprivileged backgrounds. The school pursues authenticity, innovation, and excellence in the hopes of giving these children a greater shot at success in life. Any attempts to disparage Rocketship are a disservice to students and communities at large.