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Stream Energy

Hurricanes are one of the most devastating examples of natural calamities where there is so much damage done to human life. And when Hurricane Harvey hit the southern region of the United States, there was absolute chaos and destruction where thousands of families not only lost their homes but also loved ones. While many of us were watching helplessly hoping that the situation would get better, there were associates from Stream Energy, a Dallas based organization who was actually there on the ground helping people. Using the revenue that Stream Energy generated using its successful energy business, they were at the forefront providing financial assistance to families and helping them recover from this disastrous incident.

And this is not the first or the only instance where Stream Energy, as an organization came forward to helping people in such situations. They have been instrumental in this approach for over a decade now and it would not be erroneous to say that philanthropy has become a part of the organization’s DNA. With the idea of providing assistance to Texans and transforming their lives for better, Stream Energy has come up with a charity foundation named ‘Stream Cares’ which has been phenomenal in providing assistance of all kinds and making peoples’ lives better than before. But the assistance the team provided to victims of Hurricane Harvey shows their empathy towards people and this is certainly something more than just financial assistance.

Launching a philanthropy wing is not a very old or traditional phenomenon and off late, there is a steep increase in the number of companies who are adapting to this concept. And they have their own reasons for it. While it is always true that they are giving back to the community that they are a part of, such charitable activities also help the companies to earn the good reputation as well as trust among its business partners. This is quite explosive to the rapid growth of the organization thereby generating more business and eventually more revenue to the organization. As much as it seems like a ripple effect, Stream Energy has been quite impressive with their efforts towards the noble cause.