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Shervin Pishevar Makes Some Great Predictions During Tweet Storm

It was a long and dry winter for the man called Shervin Pishevar. He was last heard from back in December after announcing his plans to resign from the company he helped co-found, Sherpa Capital. It was clear at the time that he was quitting on his career. Meanwhile, other companies that he had invested in continued on in their continuous earnings as the new year approached. While most like to think he was just sitting at home and celebrating the beginning of 2018 with some take-out food, he had other plans that no one could have seen coming.

He went on a long rant about his predictions of the future once the stock market took a jaw-dropping plunge. He believes it is possible for it to drop another 6,000 or more points in just the next few months alone. Below are some of the reasons he feels that things are about to take a turn towards the worse before they even begin to get better.

February Not Looking Too Good

Of course there was a good dip in the stock market in February. However, Shervin Pishevar things that it is only a small sign as to what is coming. He believes that the main culprits behind this prediction are increases in the deficits of credit accounts, the rise in interest rates and the tax giveaways.

Bonds Not As Strong As They Used To Be

Another prediction that came from Shervin Pishevar is that the bonds are not going to be as good as they used to. He believes that even though the way in which banks purchase bonds could help to alleviate the stock market, it is only a tool and not a full answer to the problem and cannot remain effective.

Shervin Pishevar Predicts Inflation

A lot of his rants about the economy were related to the fact he believes our economy is being too isolated from the rest of the global economies. He feels this is a trend that is continuing to rise. He thinks that the government has been exporting our inflation for many decades now and it won’t change anytime soon with our current administration.