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Use Waikea Volcano Water to Restore Your Body’s pH

A good balance between acidic and alkaline foods is necessary to maintain proper health. Most Americans pay no attention to the acidity of alkalinity of their foods. They simply eat foods and suffer the consequences of long-term exposure. Doctors have started to wake up to the problems this diet causes.


Because doctors have started to tell patients about the problems an unbalanced pH can cause in the body, patients are starting to strive for more balance in their foods. With the high consumption of soda and other cold liquids across the country, many people in the US suffer from a body that is too acidic. They need to increase their alkalinity. Drinking Waiakea Volcano water is a great way to do this.

How does water, a chemical that has a pH of 7, help restore the body to a proper pH level? While the people who think this are remembering grade school science correctly, they are forgetting a part of the description. Distilled water has a pH of 7. Most tap water and bottled waters go through a filtering process that makes them slightly acidic. Waiakea Volcano Water goes through a different natural process. As the water from the source spring falls from a dormant volcano, it gets filtered through basalt rocks. This causes the end product to become slightly alkaline.


Adding in a bit of bottled water to a person’s diet is a great way to bring the body’s pH back in balance. It is not the only way to do so, and other slightly alkaline foods should be added back in to a person’s diet slowly. Anyone who needs help should contact a nutritionist to make sure they are doing it right. A doctor may be able to give someone a reference to an appropriate nutritionist. Remember to stay hydrated.