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The Fortress Investment Group Invests All the Way

If you want your money to be safe in the year 2018 then you would be wise to consider doing business with Fortress Investment Group. At the end of 2017, they were highly praised by business analysts worldwide for successfully managing over $43.6 billion. This money mostly came from different corporations who trusted the Fortress Investment Group to make some money and increase their market share.The Fortress Investment Group is as successful as it is because it has obeyed the foundations of good hedge fund management. There are core competencies required of any hedge fund in order to sustain business. The Fortress Investment Group has discovered that five core competencies are needed in order for them to succeed in the global market.The first core competency that this company wanted to specialize in was the ability to manage assets. They have positioned themselves to be the experts when it comes to pricing, owning, managing, and financing real estate that goes in both the residential areas and commercial.

This means the own multiple houses, apartment complexes, malls, and outlet centers.Even with their specialty, the Fortress Investment Group is being wise and making sure that their money is equally spread out among low-risk areas that will increase their profit. The Fortress Investment Group feels that there are four different categories they can operate in successfully. Each of these categories is run by one of the executive vice presidents who hold a PhD in the area. The four categories are private equity firms, credit private equity, credit hedge funds, and permanent capital vehicles. Each of these has several billion dollars inside it but also protects each other category should one suffer.The second core competency that the Fortress Investment Group has doubled down on is hiring highly skilled analysts. This is perhaps one of the strongest assets. They have over 1500 people who specialized in one of these four areas already mentioned.

Just like the executive vice presidents, each of them are required to have a PhD in their area. In addition to the PhD, each of these workers goes to monthly classes where they learn what is currently going on in the markets and how they can prepare themselves.The third core competency exists because of the second core competency. The third core competency is the ability for the Fortress Investment Group to come together and survey the most complex situations for investments. By applying different formula and theorems they are able to give mathematical precision to how much money investment will make.The fourth core competency is a consulting competency where they work with a board of directors to acquire and consolidate businesses.The fifth and last core competency is working with low risk investments so that smaller businesses can succeed. Rather than placing a small business’ money into a risky venture, the Fortress Investment Group will put in the low risk high-yield situation which allows them to trust that their money will be there in the hard times.