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Insight into the life of proficient businessman Louis Chenevert

Insight into the life of proficient businessman Louis Chenevert

Meet Louis Chenevert, accomplished Canadian businessman, the past Chairman, and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He is also a former President of Pratt and Whitney Canada. Born in Montreal, Quebec, he attended schools located in Montreal. He received a bachelor of business administration degree in production management and a doctorate honoris causa from HEC Montreal and from Concordia University.

He serves as an advisor for Goldman Sachs, he had worked for General Motors, and at one time he was on the board of Cargill Inc. Pratt and Whitney is an auxiliary of UTC, and while Louis Chenevert was working there, he made the company very productive and profitable. This got him noticed at UTC, nominated as its chairman and rose to CEO. He decided to relocate production to the US, but UTC offered to move its employees to a clustered area, a move that proved to be very efficient while compared to having many employees working from many different locations. Chenevert arranged for the purchase of Goodrich Corporation by UTC.

The idea for UTC came from chief managers who were well-versed in customer needs and dedicated to the production of revolutionary products. While at UTC, Louis Chenevert emphasized on operational talent and designing which enabled him to deliver and at the same time fully satisfying the clients wants. He always revised the work done, to ensure that the firm’s goals were achieved. He is intrigued by how technology and fast adjustment resulted in the creation of many opportunities that will boost the drive of the company in its futuristic path.

To deliver excellent results, Louis conducts determined follow-ups, he is passionate and optimistic, uses his time in trying to achieve the agenda, not giving much time to internal politics and making sure that the operational managers have all they need to deliver excellent results. He advises that you should bring together the right team, run-over challenges, appreciate and hearten them and work to make your clients happy.


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