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Doctor Tony Huge Role in Enhanced Athlete is Questionable

When people think about Enhanced Athlete, their first thought is of Dr. Tony Huge – also known as Charles Anthony Hughes – is the first thing they think of. He is a well-known face in the company but many people have begun to question whether he is really an unpaid spokesman for the company. When Enhanced Athlete competitors began questioning his role, he was ordered to appear in court to provide this information to assist in the lawsuit filed in 2017 by Nutrition Distribution – also known as Athletic Xtreme.


Doctor Tony Huge Role in Enhanced Athlete is Questionable

The lawsuit alleges that the advertising angle used to bring customers in to buy a product known as SARMS – or selective androgen receptor modulators. This product is labeled as a dietary supplement. which violates the Lanaham Act, a federal statute governing competition. The FDA has warned against advertising SARMS as a supplement product. After doing so, all research and products concerning the SARMS in production at Enhanced Athlete were seized.


Reason for Legal Action

As an employee, Hughes could be compelled to appear in front of a judge on a deposition basis only. However, a motion by Hughes to refuse to appear for the deposition states that he is a brand ambassador only. If this is the case, Federal Statutes outline that Hughes cannot be compelled to appear in court simply on a notice and other measures must be taken to subpoena him to provide information to the court.


A new motion entered into the court system states that Hughes has a larger role in the company than is being disclosed, and that he is more than simply a brand ambassador. Evidence has been presented to show he has a major role in regular company operations, so the deposition notice should be upheld.


What is Dr. Huge’s Role in Enhanced Athletes

Hughes’ is a common face on Enhanced Athlete’s various social media pages. The video posted on YouTube promoting products in the SARMS, steroids, and other controversial substances have been removed. Hughes later posted these videos on his personal channel, but faced copyright violations. He created a new website to publish content and post new videos on, but they are watermarked with the Enhanced Athlete logo as well. This makes pinpointing his exact role in the company difficult.


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