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Hussain Sajwani Named as the CEO of the Year 2017 by Middle East Awards

Hussain Sajwani is a popular Emirate multi billionaire and a property developer. Hussain is also the chairman and founder of DAMAC Properties an organization that deals with real estate projects. Founded in 2002 the company’s headquarters are based in Dubai. Hussain is an entrepreneur just like his father who used to import goods from China and sell them in the country. The father of four was one of the few students who benefited from government scholarship to go study at the U.S he joined the University of Washington where he studied and got his bachelor’s degree in Economics and industrial engineering.


After his studies, Mr. Sajwani started his career in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in 1981 where he served in the finance department. Later on, Sajwani started his own company currently known as Global Logistics Services. The company majorly dealt with food services. He had many clients, the major ones being the U.S military and Bechtel. Sajwani established DAMAC Properties which is the most significant property development company in the Middle East. DAMAC team engages in the development of leisure, residential and commercial properties specifically in Dubai and the Middle East at large. The company got publicity in 2015 and its share traded on Dubai financial market which was a major boost to the DAMAC team. In 2017 Forbes also ranked DAMAC Properties as the most and fastest growing company based on annual growth rates revenue.


Hussain Swajani and Trump are both real estate titans, and recently they have been working together developing various projects. DAMAC properties have already worked with the Trump Organization and established the luxurious Trump Intentional Golf Club. Mr. Sajwani and Trump also enjoy a cordial family friendship, and the two families spent the news year eve together. Sajwani also has interacted with the president’s children including Eric and Donald Jr in both social events and businesses meetings. The DAMAC owner states that their relationship is not only a cold business relation.


DAMAC group after clinching on number one on Forbes list has continued to thrive in real estate business and delivering results that speak louder than words. The award-winning company in leisure, commercial and residential serves across the Middle East from Qatar to Lebanon and Dubai among other countries. The company has also worked for hand in hand with Tiger woods by designing golf club course and Bugatti planning luxurious and comfortable homes with Italian interior designs. The group has also collaborated with Versace.



The billionaire has played a great role in corporate social responsibilities and also giving back to the society. The philanthropist, Hussain and DAMAC group, sponsored the Dubai Future Foundations One Million Arab Coders scheme. The program was launched by UAE vice president and the Ruler of Dubai. The program usually provides free software training to young Arabs. He has also been significantly involved in the Emirates Red Crescent in a campaign to clothe the less advantaged across the globe. Hussain was awarded as the CEO of the year by Middle East awards 2017.


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