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Sussex Healthcare, New Opportunities In A Rewarding Field

If you’re looking to make a career change, consider Sussex Healthcare. Their many opportunities provide growth that’s incomparable.

The company specializes in caring for its patients in a long-term setting. The elderly, those with multiple or profound learning disabilities, neurological care patients, and those needing hospice care are all among the many special faces you’ll meet at Sussex Healthcare.

Providing the best quality care in a pleasant, modern setting, are just a few of the service objectives the company sets out to fulfill, daily. Those individuals who provide this care are truly talented, caring individuals, with a commitment and passion to make a difference in the lives of others. If you feel you have what it takes to get started in a new career field, or are a seasoned veteran looking for a new opportunity, you’ll be excited to learn about Sussex Healthcare.

The comprehensive benefits package is just a small perk to working for Sussex Healthcare. The company rewards its employees with limitless advancement opportunity through its learning center. Whether you’re new to the field or are seeing a nursing apprenticeship, you’ll learn from some of the most skilled and talented healthcare professionals. Competitive wages, referral bonuses, and even double pay for some shifts are just a few of the financial rewards. Add to that, a retirement pension plan, transportation, uniforms, meal and lodging accommodations, and you have a full package that’s tough to beat. The best reward is knowing that your hard work and dedication are making a positive impact on the health and happiness of others.

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Among other happenings at Sussex Healthcare is a change in executive leadership. A new CEO has been appointed by the name of Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Starting out in nursing herself, she grew to be the top brass as a managing director according to esht.nhs.uk. While her leadership as a director has spanned several different areas, she’s dedicated most to improving quality. Appointing a new team of directors to improve compliance, improvement, and quality has been her main objective. Both she and the team at Sussex Healthcare are excited to be partnered together.

Getting started with Sussex Healthcare is a breeze. Simply join the online talent network and get informed on the latest career postings. You can have alerts sent directly to your email inbox or browse the listings online. Full job descriptions, qualification, and location details are all available online by visiting https://sussexhealthcare.jobs.net/en-GB/. Get started on a new career path today, you’ll be glad you checked out Sussex Healthcare, today!