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The Investor and Futurist Louis Chenevert

Good leadership is key to success in business. Louis Chenevert has proved this by making all the companies he has his hand on a complete success. The influential and successful investor was born in Montreal, Quebec. He studied Production Management in HEC Montreal. During his schooling, his lecturers saw his potential and began to find him job opportunities from their associates.

After completing his education, he was employed by General Motors, where he worked for 14 years. This shows patience in his progress. During this years, he gained experience in the field, and his enthusiasm and competence in his work led to him serving as the General Production Manager.

In 1993, Pratt and Whitney hired Louis Chenevert. Pratt and Whitney deal with engine manufacturing. The department that Louis was working showed significant improvement, which eventually led to his promotion as the President of the Company. This was just the beginning of his successful career.

In 2006, the United Corporation Technologies (UTC), nominated him as their Chief Executive Officer. Here, he left a legacy that will forever be narrated. The impressive shares of UTC raised by 200% under his reign. He also made acquisitions that made the company’s products more viable. Louis Chenevert led UTC to buy Pratt and Whitney, which was a total investment of $10 billion. It would also take the firm two decades to design it. Fortunately, the company is reaping great benefits from this investment.

As a result of this venture, the company is speculated to offer more than 25000 new employment opportunities and 5000 innovation slots. The profit margin has also increased with the involvement of the GFT engine. The GTF reduces the emission by 50% and reduces the fuel consumption by 16%. As a result, it is flown in more than 70 aircrafts by more than 14 airlines.