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Jeremy L. Goldstein, Esq., Well Appointed Scholar and Professional

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Jeremy L. Goldstein is a prominent attorney in corporate law. His advising typically deals with corporate governance, executive pay, and other issues regarding valuation. He’s also aided in brokering some of the biggest transactions in modern history. Having vast legal and business experience, he’s considered one of the leading experts in the field. His advice has not only been sought out by business professionals, but also by Harvard University and NYU in scholarly publications regarding law and business. Jeremy Goldstein attended NYU for his Juris Doctor degree after receiving undergraduate and graduate degrees in Art History.


Not only does Jeremy L. Goldstein have a well versed resume, he also utilizes his skills to help others in need. He’s served as the Director at Fountain House for well over nine years. This is a nonprofit charity helping those with mental illness. He’s also previously served on the board of directors at the Make a Wish Foundation, another well known children’s charity. Having business acumen, legal expertise and even social services experience make for an impressive resume. Jeremy Goldstein is a dedicated professional who takes the time to help everyone benefit from his knowledge and skills benefiting everyone around him.


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