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Julia Jackson an her amazing perspective

Julia Jackson is a phenomenal proprietor that comes from Jackson Family Wines. Mrs. Jackson has always had an interest in wine and how it was made and the many flavors of it. Since her parents have been making wine ever since she was little, it really influenced her in terms of her business interests. Julia Jackson received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Scripps College and she received her certificate of management from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Mrs. Jackson works with the non-profit Seeds of Empowerment which helps women become leaders all throughout the world.

Her family’s winery carries some of the most remarkable brands that one can find such as Champ de Reves, Copain, Edmeades, and Maggy Hawk. During the summer, Julia Jackson would work at several of her parent’s wineries and she worked with one of the winemaker’s daughter and grew a very strong bond with her. The French culture and style has greatly influenced Mrs. Jackson. Julia has a vineyard under her name that sits in the estate of her parents in Santa Maria, California. Mrs. Jackson is known for her beauty but she is a very hard-working entrepreneur that is very outspoken and active.

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