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Mike Baur Successful Line of Business

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who has been successful since he started from the bottom. At Swiss Startup Factory he is the co-founder and as well as the executive chairman. A lot of the skills and experience that he has is due to him graduating from Berne University with an MBA and also Rochester with an MBA. Switzerland is the main place that he was born. Through better leadership, it enabled him to be recognized and respected all over the world. He also has over 20 years of understanding hence enabled him to transfer the people lives. A lot of Switzerland entrepreneur who is upcoming is very happy with the help that they get from Mike Baur. He is privileged in helping a lot of entrepreneurs to succeed and attains their objective in life.


Mike Baur is able to link with prominent entrepreneurs and also top organization these are because he assists through directing them and in the right ways they could establish and advance their b businesses. The vital area that he always insists is always being prepared with the problems that they may occur on the way, a lot of people who are starting a business are the most who are always affected. He guides them to always have a better budget which will enable them to know how much money they will spend so they can cut losses. Furthermore, he also advises entrepreneurs to always have objective and experience in the businesses they want to venture into because it will be easy for them to run their businesses swiftly. Mike Baur also helps young upcoming entrepreneurs through giving them small loans that will help them establish and progress their business.


His successful accomplishment is due to the principle that he always abides through including to always giving clients the first priority and also ensures that the staff members always create better bonding between them these will ensure that they work more effectively. Through his better management at the organization, he motivates the workers and also through proving them with a good environment to work in hence they work hard and the organization is able to make more profit. Another role that he practices at the organization is being in charge of the fund raising and financial operation at the company. In addition, he made sure that he links Swiss Startup Factory with Fintech Fusion and CTI so they can work together and be able to provide better services to the community.