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Wedding Nights with George Street Photo & Video

It’s wedding season again in Chicagoland, and this year, according to George Street Photo & Video, a leading wedding photography and consultation service, nighttime weddings are the new hot trend.

Marriages last a lifetime, and a good wedding is the first step on that lifelong journey. Thanks to modern digital photography and videography, capturing that auspicious first step in all its beauty and splendor is easier than ever, wherever and whenever it might occur. Even in the best circumstances, nighttime photography can be difficult, especially with a bright scene against a dark and starry backdrop. Professional lighting can mean the difference between dark and blurry photos and sharp and detailed images.

Creativity is in this year, and people are finally beginning to think outside the box when it comes to planning their wedding ceremony. But creativity aside, nighttime weddings can also serve as a practical solution for busy people with tight schedules.

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