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Reimagining the lip balm industry

The lip balm market was a stable if unexciting part of the market for a long time. Since petroleum jelly lip balms began to be used almost a century ago, there were no notable innovations in the lip balm market. Brands such as Chapstick, Carmax, and Blistex were not facing new competition and were succeeding by leveraging off their brand names and reputations.

Customers were uninspired and were expressing little to no passion for their products, simply buying the lip balm that was cheapest. EOS saw this as a real chance to break into the lip balm market and create a product that customers were excited to use which they would become excited about.

EOS did so by both real and cosmetic changes. For the real changes that EOS implemented into the lip balm world they began to u ingredients for their lip balm t were sourced in an organic and natural way EOS lip balm was based on coconut, jojoba, and other natural fats and oi as opposed to the petroleum jelly based products that tended not to last very long. EOS was able to create better tasting flavors and they were no saturated with foul tasting artificial ingredients. EOS used their creativity and natural flavorings to create some fairly unique blends like vanilla mint which were a notable alternative to the lip balm products currently for sale. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Eos-Sweet-Mint-Lip-Balm-0.25-oz/15136069

For the cosmetic changes, EOS reimagined the applicator orb that was used and created a orb applicator that was far different from those that were available on eBay. These orbs were brightly colored to match the flavors and customers were intrigued by this take on lip balms, which allowed the brand to emerge as one of the hippest and most sought after personal care products. Even these orbs served a purpose of applying a luscious application of EOS lip balm that led to their moniker; the Evolution of Smooth.

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