Todd Lubar’s Success As An Entrepreneur In Baltimore

Todd Lubar is a resident of Baltimore who owns two investment companies. He is the President of one of the companies, TDL Global Ventures, LLC, and the Sr. VP of the other one, Legendary Investments. He has founded and run a number of companies throughout his career with a number of them in the real estate industry. He founded TDL Global Ventures a few years ago with the goal of helping people attain loans who don’t qualify for traditional loans because of the very tight lending standards that exist today.

In order to have a productive day, Todd Lubar likes to drink coffee while relaxing with his children. After reading the news, eating breakfast, and working out he heads into his office. He finds that this routine helps him stay focused throughout his work day as well as gives him energy. Another routine that helps him is staying very organized and knowing exactly what is going on with his businesses.

According to Hackronym, most of Todd Lubar’s career has been in the real estate industry. He started his real estate career in 1995 at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked as a loan originator and built up a base of clients and professional contacts. His first entrepreneurial experience took place in 1998 when he took an ownership position in another real estate lending company, Legacy Financial Group.

As an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar has also founded other companies such as Charter Funding in Baltimore. He operated this company as a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. Through First Magnus, Todd Lubar was able to offer a lot of financial products in order to benefit his clients.

When the economy, and the real estate industry in particular, crashed in 2007 Todd Lubar was affected like many people were. He decided to try his hand at a few other industries while waiting for real estate to recover. One of his businesses was a Baltimore nightclub he owned for a few years. He also owned a commercial demolition company which took down older, dilapidated building. In another business he recycled scrap metal that was recovered from automobiles.

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How Kevin Seawright Has Turned The Housing Market Into Something Great In Baltimore

A lot of excitement has been buzzing around the Baltimore Housing Department thanks to what city leader and real estate specialist Kevin Seawright has been working on.

He’s worked with many government, private business and non-profit urban development organizations to bring commerce and new residents into cities across the east coast, and now he’s got a new project at RPS Solutions.

This company takes homes that have been too high to buy, or that have been old and need renovation and sells them to first-time buyers at affordable prices. Seawright feels this project is something the Baltimore community at large can be excited about. Read more: Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC on The Larry Young Morning Show

RPS has already brought joy to one young man who Seawright used to work with as a youth, Jerrel Brown. Brown came a long way from the lower income neighborhoods of Baltimore to land a job at the Housing Department, but even with the decent paycheck he now has he was still out of the market to buy a new home. At Seawright’s suggestion to look at RPS’s renovated homes sites, Brown was thrilled to find something he could afford and soon move into.

Kevin Seawright has been working for many years help maximize production in city administrative offices. He’s primarily worked in the mayoral offices of Baltimore, but he’s also been a part of Washington D.C., Newark, Atlanta and Philadelphia’s development centers.

He started off in accounting and managing city payroll and accounts receivable areas, but then also started managing municipal bonds and operational funds. He’s managed the funds for Baltimore’s city schools and transportation and also brought CitiStat, a software system that alerts officials about performances in each department and highlights tasks that need improving.

Prior to starting RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright was Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) and helped bring in initiatives to spur movement into the city’s downtown area.

He also completed a high ranking degree in Executive Business Leadership from Notre Dame University’s Mendoza College of Business and is on the boards of National Black Public Administrators and certified accountants. He also is involved at the Babe Ruth Museum and coaches youth basketball and baseball.

Anthony Petrello Shines With Every Role He Undertakes: He is Taking Nabors Industries Far

Anthony Petrello is a well-informed man in his area of expertise. He had a fulfilling career since 1979 when he started working for Baker & Mackenzie law firm as the Managing Partner in its New York office. He left in 1991 when an opportunity beckoned at Nabors Industries Limited. He joined the management team as President and COO and was elected to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors the same year. He was named the deputy chair in 2003 and 2011; he rose to the rank of the President followed by the Chairman of the Board the following year.

Education and Current Roles

Petrello studied law at the esteemed Harvard Law School after which he pursued Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Mathematics at the prestigious Yale University. With his training, he has been able to execute his roles with prowess. At Nabors Industries, Petrello is entrusted with the firm’s strategic plan. He guides in the implementation and also leads the firm in adopting the best practices that keep it at the top of the very competitive oil and gas industry. Petrello also serves as a director of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC.



Besides his office works, Anthony Petrello together with his wife supports The Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute situated at the Texas Children’s Hospital. His daughter was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia after she was born immaturely. In the search for the cause of this ailment, Anthony Petrello realized that little information was available about the condition. This prompted him to look for ways to help parents understand this condition, which led him to this initiative.

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Sam Tabar Found Consulting to Work

Sam Tabar is an attorney and a capital consultant strategist. He has worked hard to get to the position that he is currently in and that has given him the chance to make sure that he is helping all of the people who he works with.

He does a lot of different things when it comes to the way that the business works and the legal consulting that he does. Because of the way that he is able to manage the different business aspects of trying new things, Sam Tabar knows that it is an important part of law.

Businesses make up a huge part of the economy and, too often, they do not get the support that they need from the different legal avenues. Sam Tabar has worked to make that something that is different about the options that people has. He wants to see people be as successful as possible and wants businesses to do well.

When he was still in law school at Columbia, Sam Tabar began working on his career. He helped various firms and consulting businesses with the options that they needed and tried to learn as much as possible from them. He knew that he wanted to go into business law and took that very seriously like he did with everything else.

Thanks to the way that he was able to figure out what would work for businesses, Sam Tabar knew exactly what to do right out of law school. This was something that was no easy feat.

Once Tabar was working for a different firm, he wanted to show them that he knew what he was doing. Along the way, he picked up many different clients and that allowed him toe grow the business.

Sam knows that the growth that he has created is something that will make the business so much better in the long run. It will also improve the chances that he has to be able to make businesses work better through the consulting skills that he has. It is something that will be much better for everyone who is doing different businesses.

Reimagining the lip balm industry

The lip balm market was a stable if unexciting part of the market for a long time. Since petroleum jelly lip balms began to be used almost a century ago, there were no notable innovations in the lip balm market. Brands such as Chapstick, Carmax, and Blistex were not facing new competition and were succeeding by leveraging off their brand names and reputations.

Customers were uninspired and were expressing little to no passion for their products, simply buying the lip balm that was cheapest. EOS saw this as a real chance to break into the lip balm market and create a product that customers were excited to use which they would become excited about.

EOS did so by both real and cosmetic changes. For the real changes that EOS implemented into the lip balm world they began to u ingredients for their lip balm t were sourced in an organic and natural way EOS lip balm was based on coconut, jojoba, and other natural fats and oi as opposed to the petroleum jelly based products that tended not to last very long. EOS was able to create better tasting flavors and they were no saturated with foul tasting artificial ingredients. EOS used their creativity and natural flavorings to create some fairly unique blends like vanilla mint which were a notable alternative to the lip balm products currently for sale.

For the cosmetic changes, EOS reimagined the applicator orb that was used and created a orb applicator that was far different from those that were available on eBay. These orbs were brightly colored to match the flavors and customers were intrigued by this take on lip balms, which allowed the brand to emerge as one of the hippest and most sought after personal care products. Even these orbs served a purpose of applying a luscious application of EOS lip balm that led to their moniker; the Evolution of Smooth.

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