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How Richard A. Smith has improved Technology in the Prisons Sector

Richard A. Smith is also known as Rick Smith. He is the current CEO and president of Securus Technologies and has been in office since June 2008. Smith is a technology guru and has excellent managerial skills. He was appointed by the company’s board after its former president and CEO, Richard Falcone, left the offices. Rick has been an excellent performer throughout his career. He is also highly knowledgeable due to his level of education. Smith is an alumnus of the Buffalo-based State University of New York where he was awarded and electrical engineering degree. He later enrolled at the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology for his MBA and associate degree respectively. According to Wikipedia

Smith kicked off his profession in March 1972, and he has risen in the corporate world over the years. He got his first job at Frontier Corporation, which is currently known as Global Crossing. The technology guru is a hard working individual, and therefore, the company appointed him to hold various positions. The offices that he held at Frontier Corporation include vice president of Midwest Telephone Operations, chief information officer, network plant operations director, and president of Frontier Information Technologies. He then joined Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he worked as the chief financial officer as from October 1998. The firm recognized his productivity, and he was named COO in March 1999. In 2000, Smith was offered another promotion to become the president and CEO of the enterprise. His experience has made him be appointed as a valuable board member of Integra Telecommunications and Eschelon Telecom.

Rick Smith has been an excellent leader at Securus Technologies. During his term, the firm has developed several top notch technologies that have managed to fill the gaps that were in the industry. This has made it be trusted by correctional facilities and law enforcement institutions as a leading supplier of cutting-edge technology. Securus Technologies has employed innovation in developing all its products. Smith has acquired a wealth of experience for the decades that he has been working in the telecommunications sector.

The products and services that Securus provides are used in facilitating communications, logistics, and security in more than 3450 penitentiaries that are located in Canada and the United States. It has been offering state-of-the-art technology since 1986 when it was founded. The business is based in Dallas, Texas and has many clients in Allen, Carrollton, and Atlanta. The technology that it offers is beneficial to approximately 1.2 million prisoners in North America. Smith revealed that Securus Technology had spent more than $600 million in making significant acquisitions, patents, and developing technology in the past three years. The latest noteworthy acquisition transaction that Securus Technologies has completed is the purchase of Syscon Justice Systems. Read more on Crunchbase.com