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Dick DeVos Clears The Air On His Family’s Philanthropy

There have been many questions about the hundreds of millions doled by the DeVoses to charity over the years. To help answer those lingering questions Dick DeVos agreed to do an interview with MLive In the year ending Dec 2016, the couple signed checks amounting to $11.6M. That money went into establishments like the Potters House Private Christian School in Michigan. This particular learning institution holds a special place in the minds and the hearts of Mr. and Mrs. DeVos. It was at this place they started both their philanthropy and championing for the pro schools choice programs.


According to Forbes Magazine


The power couple has reported donating $5.3M to conservative party lobbyists over the entire duration of the electioneering cycle just concluded. As a family, the total wealth donated by the DeVoses amounts to $120M in the period spanning just twelve months. Forbes even goes ahead to declare the family as the 24th top givers in the nation. Over the past thirty plus something years since Richard Amway, Dick’s dad started and grew his Amway Inc. Company, the family has given back a whopping $1.3B. The wife’s family were also billionaire capitalists and they too were deeply involved with philanthropy.


Failed American Education System


A lion’s share of the $11.6 million donated went into supporting reformist agendas targeting the private education sector. For far too long, the Secretary has been repeatedly quoted as saying, the American dream has become an unreachable goal for most Americans. The system has lost its efficacy and the students come out half-baked and ill-prepared to take on the new sets of challenges in the modern marketplace.


Who’s to Blame?


Dick makes it absolutely crystal clear that it is not the teachers and the administrators to blame for the chaos in the American educational system, rather, it is a defunct system to be held accountable. He went ahead to remark about the positive progress made by the Pro-Choice School Funding programs he and the wife had worked tirelessly to set up. Hopefully, the program goes national especially now that they have the support of Congress and the White House. The couple is said to make these important donation-decisions with the help of their children.


About Dick DeVos


Born, 1955, Dick DeVos is the billionaire husband of the current US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. His father was a billionaire businessman who died in 2004 leaving him in charge of running his empire, Amway Corporation. The establishment dabbled mostly in distribution and retail industries. After completing his studies, it was only natural for Richard Amway “Dick” to finally come work at his dad’s company which he did in 1974. By 1983, Dick had risen up the ranks to be the company’s President. One of his first order of business as the leader of Amway was to split the company into three subsidiaries. The move worked like a like and the country and its affiliates are now found all over the globe. Today, Dick likes to spend time running his venture, Windquest Inc.