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A Real Look at Fabletics

Succeeding in the fashion industry has always been difficult. Nowadays, it’s even more difficult because Amazon currently controls 20% of the fashion e-commerce market. Most online shoppers visit other sites, but when it comes to actually buying something, they shop on Amazon because it’s usually cheaper and easier.

Despite the Amazon-controlled market, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making huge waves. In its three years since being founded, Fabletics has grown into a $250 million company. Fabletics has taken control of the ‘activewear’ movement. Unlike other e-commerce fashion companies, Fabletics is a subscription mechanic that sells directly to customers.

Historically speaking, high-value brands have been defined by price and quality. With more and more companies embracing the e-commerce advantages, the price-quality combination is no longer enough to ensure success. In today’s market, the modern consumer cares more about things like brand recognition, customer experience, and exclusive designs.

Although Fabletics is seeing great success with e-commerce shopping, it has begun taking the nice step. Physical stores are Fabletics next great adventure, and the company is taking a whole new approach to it. Currently, Fabletics has sixteen physical stores in Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California. It plans on adding more stores within the next couple of years.

One of the biggest reasons that Fabletics’ physical stores are so successful is its “reverse showrooming” strategy. As mentioned before, people nowadays often shop around but usually end up buying elsewhere, like Amazon. Fabletics has taken the approach of reversing this negative and turning it into a Fabletics-only positive.

Instead of just opening stores and stocking them full of random inventory, Fabletics uses the customer-company relationships it’s built. Fabletics wants to be relied on so that it can get to know the local market better. Fabletics often hosts events and other public activities to get members and newcomers into its stores.

When customers come into one of Fabletics’ physical stores and try on an article of clothing, it is automatically added to the customer’s online shopping cart. Fabletics prides itself on understanding its members’ sense of style and encourages members to continue shopping at Fabletics stores, both online and the physical stores. That’s why 30 to 50 percent of the people that visit a Fabletics store are already members. And an additional 25 percent of visitors will become members that day.

As reviewed by a real person, Fabletics is definitely a company that many recommend. The quality of Fabletics products is beyond what many would expect. Because the prices are so low, one would expect the quality to not be as high as it is. The products are made out of good material and they don’t seem to fade.

One feature that really sets Fabletics apart is the ability to skip months without paying. If a member doesn’t find anything they like for a few months, they don’t have to pay a membership fee until they’re ready to start buying again.

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